Obama’s 2013 Budget: Full Of Tech And Science

President Barack Obama's 2013 Budget ProposalPresident Obama released his proposed 2013 budget Monday, and it gives us a glimpse into the president’s hefty tech and science wish list.

This includes wireless broadband, science and tech education, protection from cyber attacks, intellectual property rights and technology in government.

Follow along as Mashable digs up the details on the 2013 budget proposal.

Overall Research & Development

Obama’s proposed budget calls for $140.8 billion in overall research and development projects, aiming that money towards areas “most likely to directly contribute to the creation of transformational technologies that can create the businesses and jobs of the future.”

The specifics? Investment in non-defense research will be increased by 5 percent from this year. $13.1 billion will be divided between the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy’s Office of Science and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. That money will go to research on clean energy, biology, advanced manufacturing, “smart” infrastructure, wireless internet and cybersecurity. An additional $51 million is dedicated to the NSF for solving wireless spectrum problems.

Additionally, NASA would get $1.3 billion to develop new technology that would “keep the aerospace industry . . . at the cutting edge in the years to come.” However, NASA as a whole will see a drop of $59 million from this year’s funding level.

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