Honeywell Introduces New 3-D Weather Radar For Airlines

Honeywell Introduces New 3-D Weather Radar for Airlines

Bad weather is bad business. That’s especially true if you’re an airline or commercial pilot, though it impacts everyone. Weather-related delays and cancellation tax the economy for billion of dollars in lost productivity each year, much of which is borne by the airlines themselves. And of course there’s the occasional human cost of weather as well. Every so often, a rapidly forming weather event or a bad decision by a pilot costs lives. People die flying through severe weather (you mostly hear about this when it’s a larger passenger jet, but smaller planes crash more often than you probably realize). That’s why technology giant Honeywell sends engineers out flying in a 60-year-old twin-propellor aircraft looking for storms. And that’s why today I’m going with them.

Honeywell is a technology solutions company that you know but may not realize you know (they build everything from the fire safety system in your office building to better body armor materials for police officers to longer-lasting brake pads for our cars), and today it is showing off a solution to a shared problem that we perhaps don’t realize we have: When we board a flight bound for anywhere, the pilot or pilots in the front seat have a really poor view of the weather ahead. In a sense, they are flying (nearly) blind into an atmosphere that can quickly turn hostile.

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