Apple’s Television Vision

Apple’s plans for the future of Apple TV remain a mystery, but a recent report has shed some light on the subject. The company has apparently been meeting with big cable providers, possibly to negotiate terms for giving their services a place in future Apple TV devices. Meanwhile, security wonks spotted new malware, Groupon took a sharp dip, and Google nixed purveyors or piracy.

Apple has been sizing up the world of television for a long time now with very hungry eyes. The company almost never reveals its plans out loud, of course, but if you test the PH level of the rumor pool, it’s starting to look a lot like it did about six years ago, just before the first iPhone came along.

At that time, it was widely believed that something called an “iPhone” was on its way, but what that would shape up to be was anyone’s guess. And it wasn’t just about the design and capabilities of the device, either. To get a product like that going would be a lot more complicated than just building a gadget and putting it on shelves.

Apple had to make deals with the entrenched companies that controlled the networks on which those devices relied — wireless carriers. Either that or enact some kind of grand strategy Simple Strategies for Enhancing eCommerce Profitability. Click to download white paper. to go it alone and make its own network, which would be an especially risky undertaking.

As it turned out, Apple dealt with the carriers. It drove a hard bargain, but it played the game, and now the iPhone is kind of a big deal.

Now it seems Apple may be looking toward that same strategy for what’s presumed to be its next industry shakeup: television.

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