Switzerland Promises Millions For Sitting Of The Climate Fund Secretariat

Switzerland is one of six countries, which is applying for the secretariat office of the international climate fund.   Photo: David Adair (ex-press.ch)

According to Ambassador Jürg Lauber government and canton Geneva are prepared this sum within three years to provide for the establishment of the Secretariat and the launch of the Climate Fund. To the 14.5 million of the Canton of Geneva would contribute 800,000 francs.

In addition, the secretariat office for free initially and later a maximum of one hundred thirty employees were made available. Intended to be in the office building of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Lauber told the media.

It is envisaged that the Secretariat from 2014 begins its work.After the initial three years, Switzerland will support the Secretariat continue as needed.

Switzerland is one of six countries, which is applying for the secretariat office of the International Climate Fund (Green Climate Fund). In addition, be present at the first meeting on the previous day began of the Executive Council of the Fund and Germany, South Korea, Mexico, Poland, Namibia and their candidacies.

Strong German competition

Germany, where the Climate Fund Secretariat is already located here temporarily, offers the community a much more expensive project than Switzerland.

Bonn is to be converted for 90 million francs a new building to be built. Moreover, the Germans want for operation of the Secretariat and funds and for the organization of conferences provide an annual contribution of CHF 8.4 million per year is available.

The Swiss side the damage done with a large trowel plans are criticized: The world community does not need a new organization with a vast bureaucracy for the climate fund, but a lean, flexible and cross-linked structure, it was said at the Swiss delegation.

Before the media said delegation leader Lauber: “We want that the Fund will be a success. This has priority for Switzerland. “The fund must as soon as possible to start work, so in a” perfect environment “so that he could work effectively. Geneva has a lot to offer.

Nominations shall be the last sitting, the (tomorrow) Saturday, presented behind closed doors. States will decide at the next UN Climate Change Conference end of the year in Qatar.

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