Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Quits After Two Weeks

Rami Hamdallah(Albawaba)

Rami Hamdallah(Albawaba)

The National:

RAMALLAH – Palestinian Authority prime minister Rami Hamdallah resigned yesterday just two weeks after taking the post.

It was unclear whether the PA president, Mahmoud Abbas, would accept the resignation.

Mr Hamdallah’s office declined to comment, but an official close to him said the decision was made because of a “dispute over his powers”.

Analysts said Mr Abbas’s decision to appoint Mr Hamdallah, a little-known academic with no political experience, signalled an attempt to consolidate power within the presidency.

The president’s office handles diplomacy and negotiations with Israel, while the premiership focuses on day-to-day affairs in Palestinian-controlled areas of the West Bank

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