Get To Know The New GOP Hostage Strategy

get_to_know_the_new_gop_hostage_strategy_2_08152013It seems increasingly obvious how insane the internal dynamics of House Republicans have become as they plot the next GOP hostage strategy. Congressional Republicans are less a governing party but more a party of scorched earth brinksmanship.

The Maddow Blog:

A spirited debate has unfolded within the Republican Party over the last several weeks about what the party intends to do to sabotage the federal health care system. A significant contingent within the GOP has demanded a hostage strategy: Republicans should tell Democrats that they’ll shut down the government unless Dems agree to deny health care benefits to millions of Americans.

The strategy is, of course, destined to fail. Democrats will never agree to pay such a ransom, and Republicans don’t want to be on the hook for a shutdown that puts their control of Congress in jeopardy.

GOP leaders realize they can’t follow through on such threats, but they also realize radicalized rank-and-file congressional Republicans won’t be satisfied with nothing. With this in mind, National Review’s Robert Costa reports that GOP leaders are prepared to let one hostage go, while taking a new one for Republicans to threaten.

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