2010 Republican Gerrymandered Congressional Districts

Rachel Maddow interviews David Wasserman, House editor for the Cook Political Report, about the role of gerrymandered Congressional districts in creating a political atmosphere in the House that encourages radicalism and recalcitrance over negotiation and accountability, shared some remarkable statistics about the current crop of House Republicans.  In addition to TRMS reporting on how redistricting allowed Republicans to win fewer votes but more House seats in the 2012 election, David Wasserman said:

Republicans are living in a completely alternate universe from the rest of the country. Their districts are 75 percent white, compared to 63 percent for the national average and 50 percent for Democratic districts. Consider that only 37 Republicans in the House today out of 233 were around for the ’95, ’96 shutdown. And then, you also have the fact that 48 percent of all House Republicans, and this blows my mind, were elected after George W. Bush left office.

These people owe no allegiance to John Boehner. They ran against not only Democrats, but Republican leadership to get to Congress and they’re reflecting what the primary electorates, which decided their elections back home, wanted in the first place.

Wasserman offered more information here: his Twitter account