Wal-Mart, Radioshack Slash Apple iPhone 5c Price To Below $50

Apple iPhone 5c

Apple iPhone 5c

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and RadioShack are trimming prices on the iPhone 5c, which costs $99 from Apple with a two-year wireless contract or $549 without.

Starting tomorrow, RadioShack customers buying the iPhone 5c in-store will receive a $50 gift card that can be used toward their $99 iPhone 5c purchase, MarketWatch reported, citing a spokesman for the company. That offer ends Nov. 2.

Starting today, Wal-Mart will also slash the price of the iPhone 5c from $79—a $20 discount on Apple’s price—to $45 throughout the holiday season, according to a Wal-Mart spokeswoman.

Both offers beat Best Buy Co.’s terms: It offers a $50 gift card on iPhone 5c purchases from today until Monday.

The world’s largest technology company last month unveiled the seventh generation iPhone: The high-end iPhone 5S, which features fingerprint scanning technology and a glass screen similar to previous models, and the cheaper plastic iPhone 5c. The 5s costs $199 with a two-year wireless contract.

It’s now possible to sell an old iPhone 4s—which will eventually be phased out by Apple—and make a $150 profit by upgrading to the 5c; those who bought that model on its release will be coming to the end of their two-year contract this month. Meanwhile, iPhone 5 holders who bought their phone last year still have one year left on their current contract.

Apple announced it shipped 9 million iPhone 5s and 5c models in the first weekend alone—surprising some analysts.

Many analysts were bemused Apple’s supposedly cheaper phone wasn’t all that cheap.

Some worry that Apple’s inability/unwillingness to come out with a low-priced offering for emerging markets nearly ensures that the company will continue to be an overall share loser in the smartphone market until it chooses to address the low end.