Getty Gives Away 35 Million Images For Free


Millions of bloggers are about to get the legal go-ahead to use Getty Images they already were using without permission.

On Thursday, stock-image giant Getty Images announced it will release 35 million images in its library of about 150 million photos, with more than 60 million available online, for use by bloggers and social media sites. The company admitted that it hasn’t been able to police all corners of the Web, leading to widespread use of its photos.

For the first time, people will have the ability to easily embed Getty Images of the latest news, sports, celebrity, music and fashion coverage; immense digital photo archive; and rich conceptual images to illustrate their ideas and interests for easy sharing, with some exceptions – at no cost – for non-commercial use on websites, blogs and social media channels through a new embed tool.

The embedded images will include photographer attribution and, when clicked, will link back to where the image can be licensed for commercial use. This will provide people with a simple and legal way to utilize content that respects creators’ rights, including the opportunity to generate licensing revenue.

However, this free-for-all image grab is strictly for non-commercial purposes. News outlets and commercial enterprises will still have to pay to use Getty’s Images, and Mr. Peters says if a blog appears to be promoting a product or business with the images, it will take action.

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