NAACP Receives Partial Victory On Voter Id Law From 4th Circuit Court Of Appeals

The higher court will delay elimination of same-day registration and prohibition on counting out-of-precinct ballots.

“The court’s order safeguards the vote for tens of thousands of North Carolinians. It means they will continue to be able to use same-day registration, just as they have during the last three federal elections,” said Dale Ho, director of the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project, in a statement.

But, the appeals court refused to issue a temporary injunction reducing early-voting days, the elimination of the discretion of county boards of elections to keep the polls open an additional hour on Election Day, the elimination of pre-registration of sixteen and seventeen-year-olds who will not be eighteen years old by the next general election, and the soft roll-out of voter identification requirements that will go into effect in 2016.

“With respect to these provisions, we conclude that, although Plaintiffs may ultimately succeed at trial, they have not met their burden of satisfying all elements necessary for a preliminary injunction,” wrote the court in its opinion.

Click here to read the full opinion (.pdf)

The elections law approved by the GOP-led legislature and signed by Gov. Pat McCrory requires citizens to show one of several types of photo identification cards to vote by 2016. This year, voters only are being asked if they have an ID and told how to get one if they don’t.

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