Media Coverage Of Pumpkin Festival Riots Vs. Ferguson (Video)

Media coverage of the Pumpkin Festival riots vs. Ferguson is an example of hypocrisy of how the media frames and reports events in the United States around the world in White and Black.

When you control the image making, you can control the narrative.

The Boston Globe reports that hundreds of people were seen “throwing bottles, uprooting street signs, and setting things on fire,” as well as overturning cars and Dumpsters. Cops outfitted in SWAT gear responded with “tear gas, tasers, and pepper spray.” The Keane Police Department claims that one group of rioters “threatened to beat up an elderly man,” while others threatened the lives of the cops, who had to call for backup from nearby towns.

Saturday’s riot by white college students at Keene State College’s annual Pumpkin Festival is a priceless example of white privilege and white racism as a type of social practice and habit.  White students who set fires, vandalized and flipped over cars, looted stores, threw full liquor bottles and billiard balls at police are called “spirited partiers”, “unruly”, or “rowdy“.

However, Blacks who protested in response to the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager, in Ferguson have been called “thugs”, “animals”, “a bunch of free loaders who burn and destroy their own communities”, and cited by the Right-wing media as examples of the “bad culture” and “cultural pathologies” supposedly common to the African-American community.

“It’s (expletive) wicked,” said Steven French, an 18-year-old who was said he was visiting from Haverhill, Mass.

“It’s just like a rush. You’re revolting from the cops,” he said, sometime after 9 p.m. “It’s a blast to do things that you’re not supposed to do.”

Why are White 18 year olds just drunk kids acting stupid, and black 18 year olds fully grown men acting criminal and a deadly threat? Where were all the military vehicles, police in riot gear, and police pointing loaded guns at the “unruly”crowd? Why is there a justification for white unruly students who rioted, threw bottles, set fires, did property damage, etc? Why are White drunken college students who riot, threw bottles, set fires, etc…. looked at differently than young black men who do pretty much the same thing?