Former Vice President Dick Cheney Was Wrong Then, Wrong Now

Former Vice President Dick Cheney opposes the Iran nuclear deal. He is one of the most outspoken opponents.

During a speech at the conservative American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, Cheney defended his legacy and blasted Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. He said the deal lacked substantive verification standards to ensure that Iran was living up to its commitments, and argued that Iran could use the sanctions relief the agreement provides to worsen regional conflicts in the Middle East.

He also said, “Arming and funding Iran while simultaneously providing them a pathway to nuclear arsenal is not an act of peace. It’s not, as President Obama claims, the only alternative to war. It is madness.”

Although the White House on Tuesday declined to comment on the opponents’ campaign overall, it did tweet out the video above showcasing just how wrong Cheney’s judgment has been in the past regarding the war in Iraq.

Once upon a time when public officials left office, they were gone and off the public stage but not today.

The real madness is the way the media keeps providing Cheney a platform for his attempt to rewrite history.

When do you lose the right to be taken seriously in the media?